Apply for your artist certificate number

Apply for your artist certificate number. Only 222 numbers will be issued.

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First Step:

Welcome to the FIRST STEP to becoming certified that your artwork is part of the Lunaprise Mission. All artists and rightsholders whose artwork has been approved in writing to be part of the historic mission to take digital art to the moon, should apply for this important verification system which validates to the public and art collectors worldwide, that you are a certified artist on this mission.

Apply for your artist certificate number. Only 222 numbers will be issued. Only 222 artists will make history with us on this mission First come first serve!

Second Step:

Post Launch of Artwork To The Moon (estimated Q4 2023)

Note once the artwork lands on the moon you and or your collectors can apply online here on Space Blue for individual digital or physical certifications by art piece and or NFT.
This certificate you apply for today only certifies you are an accepted artist on the Lunaprise Mission.

What you will receive by email: CERTIFICATE ( sample below )


There is a name change fee of $25.00  more Once Space Blue mints these certificates 30 days after you apply , as a bitcoin Ordinal ( inscribing will be done at  the name of artist cannot  be changed Forever.

Yes this option ( its an option but certainly a very valuable option and utility  for your art pieces will be free for each artifact up to 10 individual pieces.  There after the fee costs $1.00 per artifact/art piece with a min order of 10 pieces ( $10).

The art piece certificate number, artist name, and art collection name along with important meta data will be minted and inscribed into blockchain archive system to be announced after the launch of the artwork on the moon 

Important meta data will include:

  • Additional artists metadata ( limited to 500 characters per artist) 
  • NASA Mission number 
  • Space X Mission number 
  • Payload description 
  • Date of launch
  • Date and time payload landed on the moon.
  • Longitudinal coordinates where artwork rests on the moon
  • Other important scientific and historical metadata  as determined by Space Blue.

Yes provided that Space Blue does not determine at its sole discretion that the platform is in violation of any USA securities and consumer protection laws and not in violation of any of the Space Blue artists rules . Foreign NFT minting and auction platforms are also subject to scrutiny to verify that the NFT platform is in good standing in the artist and collector community.

Yes this site will announce future online prices for obtaining printed out certificates that use proprietary QR code and technology to validate that physical assets such as an artist physical paintings are linked to a twin copy placed on the lunar surface in The Lunaprise Museum.

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