HONDA CR 500CC 1985


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The Beast of Beasts: The most powerful motocross ever made till now.

THE HONDA CR 500cc 1985, the 1st water-cooling and most powerful engine at that time.

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The French Legacy is a known collector of art, and physical antiques, cars and motorcylces. In 2020 they collaborated with NFT Blue’s Studio and its lead visionary Dallas Santana, to bring into the NFT Marketplace, the first real physical and NFT motorcycle collection. The motorcycle collection cross over 25 years of motocross legendary racing history from around the world. Dallas Santana is also a world class director of films and action sports documentaries and was delighted to participate in the making of the French Legacy Historic Motocross NFT Collection. In 2020 and 2021, the 10th motorcycle in the collection was used in many scenes in the post apocalyptic NFT backed film :The 9th Raider ( and will be put on a sale as 1:1 with physical and NFT assets.

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