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Start On: July 7, 2023 3:00 pm
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This piece is a meditation on the preservation and perpetuation of sanctuary in the natural world. A living meditation and alter of sorts, the lid is removable, allowing for the placement of important crystals or elements the table holder desires to bless and appreciate.

Authentication of NFT Inscription sent to the Moon:


At least 3 ways of certifying your artwork is either an orginal collection or a certified copy from a limited edition aboard the [Lunaprise] Museum.

Written Certification

All artwork comes with Written Certification and Authentication that is being launched by Space X Falcon 9 on [Lunaprise] Mission To the [Lunaprise] Museum on the Moon.

Additional Block Tag Certification

Additional Block Tag Certification: A unique QR codes is place on the back of all physical prints and reproductions linking it to unique patented QR technology to validate and authenticate the assets as being certified limted edition.

Certification Email

Certification will be sent by email initially as a pre certification within 30 days of purchase and an additional certification update within 30 days of the actual launch to the [Lunaprise] Museum On The Moon ( estimated to launch Q3, 2023)

Written Paper Certification

An additional written paper certification can be obtained for an additional fee of $99.00 within 30 days of the launch of the mission to the moon by requesting a copy and contacting vip@spaceblue.club

Visit SpaceBlue.Club

Visit www.spaceblue.club for additional details.

Shipping will be charged $24.99 per item for USA only

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Auction Completed because there were no bids
Auction started July 7, 2023 3:00 pm

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Alejandra Soler


Alejandra Soler is a Colombian American artist, educator, creative production director, extended reality designer and digital fabricator.
She believes every home, market, and space is a temple. If you built it, they will come, so build with intention. Alejandra has headed production decor for the likes of Meta, Kascade,
Forever Lavi and more.
Her dream is to continue to create a family and community, and alchemize dreams into experiences and fabrications that hold meaning and inspire connection.