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Reclining Nude With Blue Cushion

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Nu Couché au coussin Bleu (Reclining Nude on Blue Cushion) is an oil on canvas painting by Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani created in 1916.[1] The painting is one of the dozens of nudes created by Modigliani between 1916 and 1919.

Authentication of NFT Inscription sent to the Moon:


At least 3 ways of certifying your artwork is either an orginal collection or a certified copy from a limited edition aboard the [Lunaprise] Museum.

Written Certification

All artwork comes with Written Certification and Authentication that is being launched by Space X Falcon 9 on [Lunaprise] Mission To the [Lunaprise] Museum on the Moon.

Additional Block Tag Certification

Additional Block Tag Certification: A unique QR codes is place on the back of all physical prints and reproductions linking it to unique patented QR technology to validate and authenticate the assets as being certified limted edition.

Certification Email

Certification will be sent by email initially as a pre certification within 30 days of purchase and an additional certification update within 30 days of the actual launch to the [Lunaprise] Museum On The Moon ( estimated to launch Q3, 2023)

Written Paper Certification

An additional written paper certification can be obtained for an additional fee of $99.00 within 30 days of the launch of the mission to the moon by requesting a copy and contacting vip@spaceblue.club

Visit SpaceBlue.Club

Visit www.spaceblue.club for additional details.

Shipping will be charged $24.99 per item for USA only

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What is your Digital Art Frame?

Canvia Smart Digital Canvas Display and Frame

Ships to you within 5 business days. USA Only when you are the final selected approved bidder at no additional charge.


Canvia Smart Digital Canvas Display and Frame – for Fine Painting, Wall Art, NFTs, Personal Photos & Videos – Advanced HD Display, NFT Compatibility, Video Playback, Google Photos, 16GB Storage







Compatible Devices

Alexa, Vesa Swivel mount, iPhone, Android

Screen Size

24 Inches

About this item

  • Realistic Art For Your Wall – Utilizing the patented ArtSense technology, the Canvia smart digital art frame displays fine art painting, photographs, and your own personal pictures and videos in exquisite, lifelike detail. The digital photo frame is equipped with sensors to adjust each image in real-time, based on ambient light, showcasing a true-to-life image with vibrant colors that appear as if they are painted on canvas.
  • Curate Your Favorite Pieces – Easily create a playlist to stream your favorite pieces of artwork and schedule them to be displayed by the hour, day or week on the smart picture frame. Each digital frame purchase includes a free one-year subscription to our art library including over 10,000 paintings and photographs from contemporary artists and classic artworks digitally streamed from the world’s finest museums, Always free 500 artworks without a subscription
  • Add Your Own NFT Art, Photos, and Videos – Using the Canvia website or mobile app, you can integrate your crypto wallet and add purchased NFTs, view google photos, upload your own personal photos and videos, and showcase everything in your Canvia playlists. With 16 GB of memory, each Canvia frame can store hours of content!
  • Crystal Clear Advanced Fhd Screen – Displaying realistic images that appear to be paint or print, it has an advanced, full-HD screen with an anti-glare matte finish. The color-dynamic HD screen produces sharp images with vibrant colors that are true to the original artwork. It also senses darkness, entering a power-saving sleep mode and zoom and repositioning the image to highlight intricate details and overcome aspect ratio issue. Works with Alexa.
  • Blends With Any Decor – Available in four finishes, the Canvia digital picture frame is made with premium maple hardwood that seamlessly blends with any decor. The smart art frame can be positioned vertically or horizontally to accommodate a wide range of artworks. Vesa support.
  • Available in white frame only for customers of NFT Blue.

Ships to you within 7 to 10 business days. USA Only

Protection plans available 👍

Email us at vip@nftblue.com about protection plans

Protection/Warranty Plan:

3 Year Portable Electronic Accident Protection Plan for $60.99

2 Year Portable Electronic Accident Protection Plan for $44.99

Asurion Tech Unlimited for $16.99/month

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Auction Completed because there were no bids
Auction started June 28, 2023 5:00 pm

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When the Lunaprise mission launched on Space X in June, 2023 and takes digital art to the Lunaprise museum in 2023 ,where it is engraved on the Lunaprise digital disks and also encased in digital files that will last over 1 billion years. The collection on the moon will contain a highly curated digital “twin” reproduced collection of the greatest art in the world curated by the team of leaders, advisors and collectors who work with NFT Blue and curated this artwork to go down in history. Why is it called The Eternal Collection? As this artwork will outlast all artwork of the original on the earth, stored in space and archived in space in the Lunaprise Museum.

Sample above of the engraved Lunaprise Disks that contain analog engraved and digital twins of the Eternal collection and other artwork files sent to the Moon Museum.

Featured NFT BLUE Artists

The historical artwork placed on the lunaprise disks engraved “twins” as digital art twins of  historical art that will outlast the physical art on the earth. And it will be able to authenticate this for limited edition commemorative collections that NFT Blue will release between 2023 and the coming decades.   Think about that for a minute; that digital reproductions of the art on the moon will outlast all physical art in the hands of collectors and museums in the world!.

This digital art sent there will be authenticated as being the first time that the greatest 100 painters of all time have had their artwork flow into space. 

Launches on SpaceX Falcon 9: June, 2023