MoonBirds By PROOF

Los Angeles — In an unprecedented collaboration, art collective PROOF, renowned for its Moonbirds NFT collection, partners with Space Blue to send 254 unique Moonbirds NFTs with the coveted “Space Helmet” trait to the moon. This historic journey is part of the Lunaprise Museum project, a space mission launching on SpaceX Falcon 9 on November 15th + 16th, 2023 at Kennedy Space Center, Florida-United States of America  Each moonbird will have an inscribed twin sent to the moon in an archive estimated to last over 1 billion years. 

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Dates February 13th, 2024
DAY1 Gala Event- Red Carpet- Awards Show- Music-
Times 9pm to 2am
Location: Kennedy Space Center – Astronaut Foundation Hall
Florida, USA

+ Live SpaceX Falcon 9 NighttimeP Launch (outdoors) 11:30pm-2PM
Time/Date of launch: subject to change

Collector Items

Woven Mission Patches - Mission Jacket - Framed Mission Fine Print

Pre-Order Only

Official Custom NASA Space Flight Jacket with LP Patches (Off-Gray) Moonbirds

Official Custom NASA Space Flight Jacket with LP Patches (Black) Moonbirds

Fabric Description

– Polyester
– Zipper closure
– Hand Wash Only
– Fabric: Polyester. Durable Material for long-time wear; with a soft and comfortable touch.
– Durable material slim jacket is suitable for multiple outdoor activities, climbing, running, and camping; also for a party, leisure at home. Various colors and sizes, lightweight and modern design overcoat for spring&fall.
– Fashion stand collar design, help you stay away from the cold. 2 slant side flap pockets, one sleeve pocket with zipper plus flight ribbon. Exquisite cuff and hem binding design make this jacket more fashionable and classic.

SpaceX Signature Snapback Cap (Embroidered)

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