When the Lunaprise mission launched on Space X in Q3, 2023 and  takes digital art to the Lunaprise museum in 2023 ,where it is engraved on the Lunaprise digital disks and also encased in digital files that will last over 1 billion years. The collection on the moon will contain a highly curated digital “twin” reproduced collection of the greatest art in the world curated by the team  of leaders, advisors and collectors who work with NFT Blue and curated this artwork to go down in history.

Why is it called The Eternal Collection? As this artwork will outlast all artwork of the original on the earth, stored in space and archived in space in the Lunaprise Museum.

Sample above of the engraved Lunaprise Disks that contain analog engraved and digital twins of the Eternal collection and other artwork files sent to the Moon Museum.

The historical artwork placed on the lunaprise disks engraved “twins” as digital art twins of  historical art that will outlast the physical art on the earth. And it will be able to authenticate this for limited edition commemorative collections that NFT Blue will release between 2023 and the coming decades.   Think about that for a minute; that digital reproductions of the art on the moon will outlast all physical art in the hands of collectors and museums in the world!.

This digital art sent there will be authenticated as being the first time that the greatest 100 painters of all time have had their artwork flow into space. 

Launches on SpaceX Falcon 9: June, 2023