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Who is The Last Supper and what are they up to ?

A successful Canadian independent rock band that prides itself on staying independent and using their music and travel experiences to make this world a smaller better place.

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The Last Supper band projects.
Continue to put out positive music that takes in different vibes from various cultures and create our own unique rock sound. To date the band has taken an old school approach to being low key and not active on social media . Currently releasing their 6th studio album to be followed up by an international tour over the next 16 months the band is now preparing to do a global pr campaign to promote all the projects the band is involved in with a full social media push. The band just got booked to perform at the official 2025 Super Bowl NFL tailgate event in New Orleans. European, North American, Europe and Middle East dates t.b.a shortly, overseas dates to start fall of 2024. The band is also releasing singles to Radio in Canada and the USA, this summer, plus several radio, international print as well as international tv news outlets reaching millions of people globally is booked to do a feature on The Last Supper going to the moon, the new music being released and the announcement and pr campaign on the 7 Wonders World Festival series that band is producing at also performing at.

Band Without Borders project.
Is an ongoing project the band has been a part of in which The Last Supper is attempting to be the first band to tour 100 countries as part of a film documentary. To date the band is almost 40% complete on this mission.

The 7 wonders world festival series. The founding members of The Last Supper are working on putting on the first legacy music festival series at the 7 wonders of the world. They have been working on it for the past 7 years and have spent over 1 million dollars to date getting permissions from the host governments and doing pre production . Are launching at the Great Pyramids of Giza fall 2024, then Cappadocia Turkey ( natural wonder) , Petra Jordan and then the other 7 wonders over the next 3.5 years.

The Last Suppers continues to be part of legacy events with its participation in the Lunaprise. The 7 wonders festival project is our current main project which mission is to bring together various cultures with top international and local music acts. Our goal is to bridge east and west cultures by showcasing various styles of positive music and art to a global audience at the most amazing venues on the planet. These festivals will be accompanied by live streaming, metaverse, VIP travel packages to these historic places, and a tv documentary series “behind the scenes making of” for each event. A world class leading team in the industry
has been assembled to produce this legacy series. 7 Wonders World Festival will be the new bench mark in entertainment and commerce for the thriving global live event industry.

Money from The Last Supper-Oz NFT Lunaprise project will go towards further funding 7 wonders and The Last Supper’s continued trek around the globe. We are still planning on being the first group to perform in 100 countries as part of our Band Without Borders project. It’s recognized by Guinness book of world records as most countries toured by a music group, almost 40% there.

The message and goal of The Last Supper has always been and will continue to be leaving a lasting positive impact on all people. Positive vibes, peace, hope and following your mission with integrity. Music is the universal language through all cultures.

Last Supper Highlights over the past 25 years.
Started at the Canadian University of Western Ontario.
First Video was Top indie band on MTV Canada late 1990’s.

The bands music has been on the radio charts in Canada, UK, and Middle East.

2006- was voted top best new rock bands on the planet from Classic Rock Magazine out of the UK. Picked nbr 9 out of top 20 in the world. It’s considered to be the Rolling Stone equivalent in Europe.

Have sold 10,000’s of cds over the years.

Being part of history with the Lunarprise and joining many amazing artists as the only Canadian band to have their music on the moon for eternity.

2001 Turkey concert at Izmit Stadium, was a charity concert for the earthquake victims of Turkey.
Renovated their American tour bus in Instanbul, into a piece of vintage art. The magic bus was created and toured around the world.

2010 tour of the Balkans , also spent time in Cappadocia Turkey. Visited the famous under ground cities in Cappadocia. This is where the first Christian’s were hiding out in cities underground with their churches. It was from this experience that we added Cappadocia as a destination as a natural wonder to our 7 wonders world festival project.

2022 -Joining forces with the extremely talented and famous visual artists Oz (Ozan) from Turkey to have his visual artwork join our music and be part of our Last Supper “Musican Prayer” project that is now on the moon.
We met Oz’s dad Davut 24 years ago in Istanbul when Oz was just a young child. His dad has been a mentor to our band and has been part of our team ever since. Helping us build the magic bus, introducing us to various music influences, teaching us about the history of the region and becoming a partner with us on our 7 wonders project. He is like family to us and the fact that we are now able to work creatively with his son Oz is truly amazing. We look forward to working with Oz on other Last Supper visuals and our 7 Wonders project. Oz will be doing the official NFTs for our 7 Wonders World Festival series. Were very lucky and proud to have him as part of the team.

2010- Palestinian children refuge came concert and work shop in Jordan.

2008- Down load festival UK.

2014 -South Africa Oppikoppi

Shipped our tour bus from Canada to Europe and drove to Rome to attend the Christmas mass in 1999 at the Vatican en route to Israel and then the Great Pyramids of Giza to take in the millennium. Have filmed and documented all these adventures.

Headline charity performance at the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt for the Canadian government and the childrens cancer hospital of Cairo.

Performed at a Ramadan event in the Middle East.

Some Top clubs , venues and other famous festivals around the world we have performed at over our career.

Opening for Slash – L.A,

Headline charity concert at the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt for the Canadian government and the childrens cancer hospital of Cairo.

Performed at a Ramadan event in the Middle East.

L.A – the Whiskey, The Roxy,

New Orleans – The House of Blues,

Detroit – St. Andrews Hall,

Swaziland – House of Fire,

Amsterdam- Melkweg,

Paris- Élysée Montmartre,

Toronto- Lees Palace, The Opera House, The Horseshoe Tavern,

Ottawa- Barry Moores,

Kingston- Aj’s Hanger,

Egypt – The Cairo Jazz Club,

Egypt – Alexandria opera house,

Jordan- Aqaba – Harley Davidson Middle East festival,

Seattle – The Seattle Underground,

Holland – Bosspop festival,

Montenegro- Club Maximus,

Romania – Best Festival,

Over 1300 concerts on 4 continents.

Touring to date 1 m miles and counting.

In their early 20’s The Last Supper Sat on the pyramids in 2000 for the millennium and said that our goal was to go to the moon with our music, perform at the Great Pyramids of Giza ( have done both) and start a festival series there, 7 wonders which we are now doing.

Under lining thread, we always get the help to carry on when we need it. We have been extremely fortunate and blessed on our musical journey.

Too many “coincidences “ to not believe we are on the right path.
In our younger years our parents use to worry about us constantly , pray for us and have their prayer groups do the same. Now it’s our multi cultural global based team that are like family to us that we have met over the last 25 years from our travels around the globe that have our back. They are all very spiritual in their own way. It is through their continued believe and support in us that has allowed us to pursue our ambitious projects and follow our dreams.

The Last Supper is very proud of our humbled past and looks forward to our exciting future

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