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Hooranky NFT Five Collection

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Winning Bid: $5,050,050.00

Started On: 17 July, 2021, 5pm PST

Title: “hoo202002260208” NFT(Based on 1 of 1 Original Digital & Acrylic on Digital Paper),

Bonus: 1:1 Digital NFT Art Frame with QR code link to authenticity on the blockchain- signed by Korean Artist Hooranky Bae |

Ended On: 19 July, 2021, 5pm PST

Hooranky NFT Five Collection

All Items will be sold as 1:1 in upcoming auctions


 Hooranky Bae Graduated Occidental Painting, Art Department, Chugye University for the Arts Artwork in Seoul, Beijing, Chiang Mai, Rome, New York, Tokyo, Fukushima Prefecture Iwaki, etc. The works of Hooranky Bae belong to abstract expressionism and the dramatic contrast of non-figurative strange shape and coloring gives a strong and unique impression to the viewer. The title of the work indicates production date and time in Arabic numerals 



The images of the rising moment were drawn with rhythmic molding and color to end up with harmonious art painting. The motifs of each work are images floating inside the artist. They are thoughts of every moment or miscellaneous things that come to mind as reactions to external actions. The data that was recorded a long time ago are repeated over and over again, but the combination is different from time to time. The elements of the combination are color, texture, shape, balance, beat, and feeling.


Art is the essence of knowledge. Human beings remember the image they encounter for the first time from birth and try to imitate it, and from there, human intellectual behavior begins. And the need for knowledge lies in ‘sharing’. If the act of empathizing and talking to each other does not take place, it is only vaguely what life can be imagined for. The philosophy of Franky’s work begins here. The aim is to bring out the images in the memory of the artist’s original sensibility and balance them as much as possible so that they can fit together. First, you need to achieve a balance in the dialogue on the canvas. Otherwise, you cannot expect to interact with the audience. It is as if the sounds of different instruments, which do not know the tune, are harmonized by the orchestra. When the audience (human) encounters a fragment of an image (memory) that consists of a minimum of recognition (image), they feel the excitement (impression) that their instinctive memory (image) comes to mind. If these various images are all in harmony that is dynamic, serene, or elegant and beautiful, the inside of the audience will become more and more immersed in the dialogue with themselves that brings out such a figure within themselves. The beginning of such a conversation is impossible without an image in which memories (knowledge) are shared. Hooranky finds such images in his memory and works to draw them digitally.
There are many people who think that they do not know the keywords of painting (art). However, if you think about what you first thought of and when you met an opportunity to feel (interpret) anew the memory (knowledge) of its image (shape, color, feeling, sound, rhythm, melody, movement, etc.) Think of it as art (painting).



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