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Lunar Hall of Fame

Lunar Legends is a group of sports collectibles curated by NFT Blue which will be archived as digital and engraved twins on the moon to last 1 billion years. 

It includes legendary original 1:1 ( one unique art piece and 1 NFT-non fungible token- authentication copy)  artwork done of sports legends like Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Lewis Hamilton, Muhammed Ali, Serena Williams, Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Danica Patrick,  as well as sports card collectibles, and sports memorabilia. The original   artwork is done by NFT Studios under the artistic direction of its curator ( Dallas Santana– a well known film director, artist and NFT innovator ) and from time to time in collaboration with other artists.

Lunar Legends all will be engraved on metallic disks going to the Moon in 2023 where the metallic disks will last over 1 billion years. Talk about legacy!

One very unique quality of such artwork is that its digital twins are being planned to be sent on the Lunaprise Mission to land a long term art museum on the moon. The mission will launch on Space X in 2023.


Ori Bengal

Ori Bengal Artist


IG: @TheArtOfOri

Twitter: @TheArtOfOri

People know Ori Bengal (@TheArtofOri) as the guy who makes art every single day since 2012 without fail. His pieces, like him, are playful, bold and unique. Ori’s mastery of story-telling fills his art with personal meaning for its collectors, and makes Ori’s commissions prized possessions all over the world.

Born in Israel, Ori took a decade break from art to finally awaken his destiny. On April 22, 2012 he declared to the world, “If I’m not creating, I’m not living.” Then over four thousand pieces of art later, Ori proved to himself (and the world), you really can do what you love every single day.

Ori says, “I strive to live an adventure worth telling, and to leave the world a brighter place through my art and my actions. Due to my nomadic nature, I focus on creating art digitally before transferring to canvas, metal, or acrylic panels – which I can create from the size of a stamp to the size of a building.”

Pushing his craft to higher levels, Ori is now focused on mastering new mediums (such as NFT, 3D printing, AI, and AR/VR), while using his art to raise funds for good causes. He’s done work for such organizations as Miss America, the Rodney King Foundation, and Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock foundation. He speaks on this subject on stages all over the world. 

After completing an NFT series for Snoop Dogg, Ori is currently sending a collection of NFT artwork to the moon in March 2023 with eight time Grammy award winning producer Malik Yusef, through his partners at Galactic Legacy Labs, Intuitive Machines and Space X, officially making his art “out of this world!”.

He has been on stage with such legends as Cordell Broadus, Timbaland, Alice Cooper, and has done portraits for such greats as Scott Page of Pink Floyd (which was used as the cover for NFT Today magazine). 

Ori can be found online at TheArtOfOri.com and on most social media platforms as TheArtOfOri.



The original crypto    artwork is done by NFT Studios under the artistic direction of its curator ( Dallas Santana– a well known film director, artist and NFT innovator ) and from time to time in collaboration with other artists.

The Crypto Art all will be engraved on metallic disks going to the Moon in 2023 where the metallic disks will last over 1 billion years. Talk about legacy!

Modernist L-Atelier COLLECTION

At the heart of the novel Creator Studio Modernist L’ATELIER lies a dynamic partnership between two extraordinary talents: Kelly Max, a creative visionary, and Samy Halim, a renowned pop artist. Together, they have cultivated a unique space for collaborative artwork that pushes the boundaries of conventional art.

Kelly Max brings to the table a wealth of experience in conceptualizing innovative ideas that challenge the status quo. Her keen eye for detail and deep understanding of the creative process blend harmoniously with Samy Halim’s expertise in the realm of pop art. Known for his vibrant and eye-catching pieces, Samy is a master at blending contemporary culture with traditional artistic techniques.

Through their shared passion for co-creation, Kelly and Samy have established a studio where collaboration is not only encouraged but celebrated. The duo’s groundbreaking approach allows them to produce distinctive artworks that resonate with audiences worldwide. Their creations are a testament to the power of combining diverse talents and perspectives to yield exceptional results.

At our Creator Studio, we invite you to experience the magic that unfolds when two creative forces unite. Join us on our journey as we continue to explore new horizons, redefine artistic possibilities, and inspire the world with our one-of-a-kind co-created masterpieces.

Designer / Artist / Creator: Kelly Max

Kelly is a renowned creative visionary who is making a significant impact on the world of concept art and design. Born to an American mother and German artist father, Kelly’s upbringing exposed him to a diverse range of cultures and creative influences from an early age.

As a young entrepreneur, Kelly skipped college and mastered the art of self-learning, which allowed him to hone his skills in entrepreneurship, conceptual thinking, and design without formal education. His unique perspective and approach to design and problem-solving quickly set him apart in various industries, earning him numerous accolades and opportunities.

Throughout his illustrious career, Kelly has worked with some of the most iconic brands in the world, including NIKE and Mercedes-Benz, where he led creative business initiatives and delivered exceptional results. His ability to bridge the gap between creativity and business acumen has been the driving force behind his success, and his dedication to innovation and experimentation has cemented him as a true pioneer in the field.

Kelly’s work has is captivating audiences with his bold use of color, form, and texture. His ability to push boundaries and challenge the status quo inspires aspiring artists and designers tp co-create with him.

His passion for co-creation has also been a defining feature of his career. His Lighthouse project MODERNIST, for example, was co-created with multiple people, including Barbara Frei, Samy Halim, Tyler Clinton, and David Minor. The project’s success is a testament to Kelly’s ability to collaborate and inspire others, while maintaining his signature creative vision.

Visitors to the LUNAPRISE MUSEUM will have the opportunity to witness firsthand Kelly’s groundbreaking work in concept art and design. From his and Samy Halim’s early sketches and drafts to the actual concept and design of the LUNAPRISE Mission patch, the first lunar museum showcases Kelly’s unparalleled creativity and innovation in the journey.

by Modernist L’ATELIER
Iconic Modernist Character Sports Focused

“LIMITLESS” is a captivating Modernist work of art that celebrates sport and fitness through the exquisite talents of pop artist Samy Halim and Kelly Max’s vision. The piece depicts a character with a towel around their neck, dripping with sweat, capturing the essence of physical endurance and passion. With bold lines and vibrant colors, “LIMITLESS” exudes a dynamic energy that draws the viewer in. The incredible attention to detail, from the character’s expression to the folds in the towel, is a testament to the artist’s remarkable skill. As part of an emerging collection of pop art pieces, “LIMITLESS” is a rare and valuable treasure that has become an icon in the art world. Whether displayed in a home or gallery, this stunning piece is sure to inspire and captivate all who view it.

Pop Artist: Samy Halim

French-Algerian artist Samy Halim was born on March 21, 1974, and grew up next to the largest palm grove in Algeria. In this environment, colors seemed to melt into the light due to the intense heat. When he was 20 years old in Algiers in 1994, the city was in the midst of a civil war, and even the Higher School of Fine Arts provided no escape from the cruelty, arbitrariness, and atrocities of war. Nonetheless, Halim was trained as a classical artist at the institution before moving to Paris, France in 1994, where he worked as a graphic designer and art director for 15 years. In 2011, he established his own illustration studio.

Halim’s unique technique combines hand-drawn and digital rendering, expertly balancing the effects of digital tools with the beautiful imperfection of the human hand. Memories of his early years in Algeria translate into his work, revealing the extraordinary vitality of the artist. His formative years in the 80s and 90s, along with the explosion of urban culture, inspire his art with brilliant, vibrant colors and powerful forms. The meticulous application and patience required to achieve the extreme refinement of the Art Deco motifs provide Halim with healing and solace in his artistic practice.

Having been raised in Africa has left a significant impression on Halim, both in his perception of light and color and in his choice of subjects. Through his portraits, Halim strives to reveal the beauty, diversity, and modernity of his continent. This modernity can be seen in the boldness of the gazes that reach far into the horizon or challenge the viewer. Halim’s art includes two styles, pop and relief, that complement each other perfectly. Pop never uses pure black or pure white, while relief uses gold as a primary color. Pop’s geometric, angular, and structuring forms are matched by relief’s lush, organic curves of natural floral and wildlife motifs.

 When asked why he has two different styles or why he doesn’t stick to one, Halim replies that it would be like choosing between his children, as he loves them both.

A collaboration between Modernist L’ATELIER and NFTBlue
Iconic Air Jordan Shoe meets Digital Relief

Fly High” Description:

Introducing a true masterpiece in the world of art and fashion – a one-of-one relief style art piece that mirrors the exclusivity of the iconic Air Jordan shoe. This stunning work of art is the brainchild of the incredibly talented Samy Halim, the one and only artist in the world who utilizes the unique relief technique to create his pieces.
This art piece is not just a reflection of exceptional craftsmanship and artistic prowess, but also a testament to the rich cultural heritage and passion for creativity that drives the world of high-end fashion. The intricate details and exquisite texture of the relief technique bring to life the energy and sophistication of the Air Jordan shoe, while the careful color palette and composition create a truly breathtaking visual experience.

Rare, exclusive, and utterly captivating, this relief-style art piece is truly one of a kind, and a must-have for any serious collector or aficionado of art, fashion, and culture. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of history – bid now and make this incredible artwork yours!


Created: March 2023
Editions: One-of-one
Tool: iPad ProCreate
Lead Artist: Samy Halim
Concept Design: Kelly Max

The Lunaprise Mission is  perhaps one of the most important space missions since the Apollo space program landed the first man to land on the moon. Lunaprise will be the “The World’s First Crowd Sourced Time Capsule” that carries more than 222 selected artists who will make art’s and NFT history when their art lands on the Moon on a Space X Falcon 9 powered mission (Lander to the moon is powered by Intuitive Machines). The mission launches in June, 2023 and will be the first mission to land on the moon for NASA and the USA since 1972.


Moon Surfer (Angela Liou)

Artist Biography

IG @ AngelaMoon_Collection

Moon Surfer (Angela Liou) is an artist and entrepreneur. She is a company founder with a background in fine arts. As an artist she melds the two worlds by documenting the journey of tech and art while also showcasing current societal affairs through themes that question the status quo. Her art brings scrutiny to the present state of humanity, to not only ascend to higher levels of consciousness but to also inspire a call to action. For these reasons Angela’s art collection is of historical significance.

As a multidisciplinary visionary and innovator Angela has partnered with Space Blue to launch her works of art with Galactic Legacy Labs, and the Arch Mission Foundation and to bring her private collection to the first art gallery ever on the moon. This historic mission lead by NASA and launched by Space Falcon 9 will carry and plant onto the moon the Intuitive Machines’ Lunaprise/GL database of “Humanities Hall of Fame”, a collection of art and culture from around the world.



Artist Biography

Miami based digital artist, Edsen’s work has been featured in various digital art exhibitions, art events and galleries, including Context Hall at Art Basel Miami.

Each artwork created by Edsen applies a proprietary technique aiming to bring a hidden energy of transformation of photonics and rays of light to any object surrounding our Universe.



When the Lunaprise mission launched on Space X in June, 2023 and  takes digital art to the Lunaprise museum in 2023 ,where it is engraved on the Lunaprise digital disks and also encased in digital files that will last over 1 billion years. The collection on the moon will contain a highly curated digital “twin” reproduced collection of the greatest art in the world curated by the team  of leaders, advisors and collectors who work with NFT Blue and curated this artwork to go down in history.

Why is it called The Eternal Collection? As this artwork will outlast all artwork of the original on the earth, stored in space and archived in space in the Lunaprise Museum.

Sample above of the engraved Lunaprise Disks that contain analog engraved and digital twins of the Eternal collection and other artwork files sent to the Moon Museum.

The historical artwork placed on the lunaprise disks engraved “twins” as digital art twins of  historical art that will outlast the physical art on the earth. And it will be able to authenticate this for limited edition commemorative collections that NFT Blue will release between 2023 and the coming decades.   Think about that for a minute; that digital reproductions of the art on the moon will outlast all physical art in the hands of collectors and museums in the world!.

This digital art sent there will be authenticated as being the first time that the greatest 100 painters of all time have had their artwork flow into space. 

Launches on SpaceX Falcon 9: June, 2023



Artist Biography

The Lunaprise Mission is  perhaps one of the most important space missions since the Apollo space program landed the first man to land on the moon. Lunaprise will be the “The World’s First Crowd Sourced Time Capsule” that carries more than 222 selected artists who will make art’s and NFT history when their art lands on the Moon on a Space X Falcon 9 powered mission (Lander to the moon is powered by Intuitive Machines). The mission launches in June, 2023 and will be the first mission to land on the moon for NASA and the USA since 1972.

Kirsten Collins Items

Kirsten Collins Auction


Kirsten Collins

“Kirsten’s vocal style is incredible and fun, taking roots of soul and pop, Kirsten’s writing and lyrical style is something we will never get tired of.”

Was recently featured in the two films;
The 9th Raider and Issac coming out soon.

Worked with iheart / MTV / Disney and many many more
Have written and featured with and for Grammy Winning producers and artists around the globe as well as written for film and TV

The newest singles are: Down & Over, Blackout, SZNS, UP and Away

For this NFT collection here Dallas, curator of NFT Blue, chose the haute couture designer who is an award winning French/Tunisian 5x Fashion Grand Prix haute couture winner ( the equivalent of Oscars in  fashion world) “Fawzi” who does not sell his fashion anywhere in the world except as exclusive art pieces for royalty, royal weddings,  and collectors worldwide.  When he asked Andrew Lane, music head for an artist recommendation, Kirsten Collins was presented with the opportunity to bring her incredible  talent and vision as well to the first project together.  Immediately it was agreed, light would be the central theme and the collection “Nova” was born.

KIRSTEN COLLINS – Known for her soulful vocal style and vibrant media presence, Kirsten is one of social media’s most prominent musician influencers performing a wide range of covers and originals. With a social reach of over 2 million followers, she’s been named a 2017 Innovator by Wall Street Journal .

Kirsten has been featured on Wall Street Journal, Gems and Secrets, Popdust, and Shutter 16 Magazine, and has partnered with Disney, Google, CocaCola, UMG, Garnier, Samsung, Lyft, and many more. Kirsten’s electrifying performances are received by a universal audience, family-friendly and delight audiences worldwide.
Most recently, Kirsten has released singles titled Fatal, Call My Name, Rainbows, Grown Men Cry, Bad, and Sugar, Pop, Cocaine. She performed at YouTube’s Vidcon performing for 23 Million viewers tuning in to their Livestream. She continues to inspire viewers by expressing a message of self-worth and positivity

Social Links


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Nova 1

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Nova Of Light

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Nova 3



Nadine Casanova

Artist Biography

Social Media: 


Nadine Casanova (Kalibri) is a creative visionary, musician, producer, designer, global thinker, sound healer and accomplished entrepreneur. She has been creating waves in the entertainment industry, integrating art and activism through music and film. She has also been on a mission for over a decade to create a blueprint model for the “heartbeat of community,” a long-term plan to empower communities around the world with safe sanctuary spaces for art, education, music, advancement, culture, technology, experience and community initiatives. She has been building her company AWA OASIA in the Los Angeles Arts District for the past three years with the goal to expand rapidly in the near future.

2020 Ascension

“The story of 2020 will be remembered for centuries to come.  I had a dream in 2019 all year, that water drops would fill every place on the earth bringing uncertainty and a plague, but the waters would part and we would ascend to breathe again”.

Dallas Santana-Artist

Alexandria Morrow Items

Alexandria Morrow Auction


Alexandria met NFT Blue’s founder while supporting the all women’s fashion and sports event series “The Lotus Games” and went on to get recruited into more of the team’s projects and was introduced to NFT technology and how it could benefit models and the fashion industry at one of the most devastating times in history.

Dallas Santana is the director and producer of the photo and animation series with Alexandria. He is also the visionary founder of NFT Blue and has an extensive media, film, music video, animation, and arts background.

Dallas collaborated with Alexandria on the conception of the project and was suggested the work of a fashion designer she worked with (Will Franco online at www.itswillfranco.com ) and immediately saw the connection to the blue earth and lavender flowery  tones he was imagining as a tribute to the beauty of creator itself as the master artist above all.  Much of Dallas’s vision deals with nature as the central character in stories and preservation of it, “or else” apocalyptic events will cause human and animal kingdom suffering which is reflected in the “2020 Ascension” landscapes, also part of the collection.   Alexandria later introduced her father and mother’s art pieces to the collaboration which fit in nicely to some of the pieces in the collection.

Music Composer: Dallas, whose mother insisted he study classical music as a child ,  was inspired by “Morning Mood“(Norwegian: Morgenstemning i ørkenenlit.‘Morning mood in the desert’) is part of Edvard Grieg’s Peer Gynt, Op. 23, written in 1875 for the Morning Azul animation pieces.

The animation art piece “Mother Earth, Father Sky” is a tribute to the mother and father of Alexandria,  whose father’s painting she holds in right hand,  and the necklace of her mother’s creation she has around her neck. Both parents were significant influences in Alexandria’s career as an artist as well.  Dallas who supervised the art piece and its creation listened intently  to the story of Alexandria’s art influence by her family and welcomed it as part of the collaboration. 

Alexandria Morrow Bio and links:

Alexandria Morrow is an established International Professional Performance Artist Muse aka Actress, Model, & Dancer currently based in Los Angeles.
Growing up in New Mexico, she was surrounded by an Artists family that encouraged creativity and artistic expression from a very young age, providing the a natural childhood environment to grow and nurture her eclectic artistic skills. 

Taking on the world of professional modeling as a preteen she began her career in NYC with Elite & Click Models. She quickly became a favorite for many designers, such as House of Honee Couture, Laura Shephard, Will Franco and many more.  She graced then stages of Fashion Weeks & Shows around the globe (i.e. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, NYCFW, LAFW, London Fashion Week, Style Fashion Weeks & more). She was named Miss Queen of the Universe and Spokesmodel of Momentum Media’s Lotus Games Awards. Alexandria has posed for many magazines and ad campaigns around the world. Recently, Alexandria placed 3rd in Maxim Magazine’s Cover Model Campaign for both US and Australia, she recently landed the cover of Stunning Beauty Magazine & Signifigance Publications.

   Alexandria’s early training at the Broadway Dance Center landed her a role in Broadway’s “Gypsy” leading her out west to return to her first love of Performance for Film & TV. She soon won awards at New York Independent Film Festival and Cinequest film fest; for her first starring role of Skye in Desert Rain. She has appeared in an impressive list of major Hollywood productions from Marvel’s “Avengers” to Disney’s “Lone Ranger” and Paramount Studios “Zoolander” to most recent Sony Studios “Terminator”. 

Alexandria is currently recurring on HBO’s Westworld. She just finished filming for Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Netflix mini series and is currently preparing for her upcoming role in a new film, “The Ninth Raider”. 

  She was both a Mentee and a Muse of notable Dali Artists, and continued to Muse for many more inspirational artists of our time such as; Van Arno, Sheila Fein, Julia Dillar, Mark Wood, Tanya Ragir and many more. Alexandria is currently a regular “In House Muse” at The Getty Museum, Dreamworks, Disney, Gnomon, Sony Studios and more thru out the world.

    Natural in her upbringing Alexandria’s loving & empathic spiritual self lead her to a life long journey as an advanced certified Yogi and Transpersonal Energy Healer. She grew up in the Healing Arts community and trained further to get certified at Lion Heart Healing Arts Institute.

    Alexandria is applying her extensive Performing & Healing Arts experience into digital virtual space in many different forms. She is honored to share her NFT Art with the Universe thru the Metaverse. She is amongst one of the first of her kind to curate & debut NFT collaboration series alongside Dallas  and team NFT Blue. She is excited about the positive impact that NFT’s have on the Artists to fairly benefit from their work, and looks forward to sharing and creating more limitless NFT Art to the Moon!
All of Alexandria’s links:   https://linktr.ee/Alexandriamorrow

Alexandria Morrow Online:

Social Links

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Morning Azul 01

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Morning Azul 02

The Lunaprise Mission is  perhaps one of the most important space missions since the Apollo space program landed the first man to land on the moon. Lunaprise will be the “The World’s First Crowd Sourced Time Capsule” that carries more than 222 selected artists who will make art’s and NFT history when their art lands on the Moon on a Space X Falcon 9 powered mission (Lander to the moon is powered by Intuitive Machines). The mission launches in June, 2023 and will be the first mission to land on the moon for NASA and the USA since 1972.