The 9th Raider Makes Worldwide History

The movie was 1st Launched on Space X Falcon 9 To the Moon Museum-Landed February 22nd,2024 First Movie To Be Sent To The Moon

Fans and NFT collectors can tap into the opportunity to collect valuable NFT’s from this cutting edge movie which each art piece will come with certification that it has a twin copy on the moon museum to last 1 billion years+

9th Raider Movie Trailer

9th Raider Parralex NFT Trailer


Stage 1: Level 1 Collectors Collectors Get Access to Red Carpet Premiers and Exclusive VIP Events 2024 and beyond

Editions: 7×24 ea

 On Sale

Q4-2023 – Q1-2024


The 7 NFT Keys are an NFT Coin that unlocks VIP access to The Space X Launches of the film in 2024 Cape Canaveral and rewards. Guaranteed slots in future movie collectibles and Red Carpet VIP experiences in 2024

NFT Satoshi Onto Mars'NFT Coins Collection 777 units , 7 different Coins 111 Unit Each

Satoshi Onto Mars 001

Quantity: 24 Editions

Price: TBA

On Sale: Q4-2023

Satoshi Onto Mars 002

Quantity:24 Editions

Price: TBA

On Sale: Q4-2023

Satoshi Onto Mars 003

Quantity: 24 Editions

Price: TBA

On Sale: Q4-2024

Satoshi Onto Mars 004
Quantity: 24 Editions
Price: TBA
On Sale: Q1-2024
Satoshi Onto Mars 005
Quantity: 24 Editions
Price: TBA
On Sale: Q1-2024
Satoshi Onto Mars 006
Quantity: 24 Editions
Price: TBA
On Sale: Q1-2024
Satoshi Onto Mars 007
Quantity: 24 Editions
Price: TBA
On Sale: Q1-2024


STAGE 2: Q1-2024



Bitcoin Ordinal NFT ( 2) Consists Of:
(1) 9TH RAIDER MOVIE NFT Original Screenplay as Bitcoin Ordinal+ most recent version with print copy bound in leather . Signed by Filmmaker/Director NFT Metadata includes entire script .
(2) 24 key images on single plate from the movie- Collection Name: "one second"

+ Both Authenticated as [Lunaprise] Actual Moon Museum Twin Asset.


STAGE 3: – Q4 2024+

NFT Stage 3

Over 7777 NFT pieces are in the further collections including animations, 3:3  Rare signed screenplays, physical items, and signed books

24 :24 Rare Cinema Images

These Rare Film Images were removed from scenes in the movie and are exclusive and not seen in the movie.
LEADERBOARD BONUS; Top 10 collectors of this edition receive "never before done in Hollywood History" signed physical 1:1 "match print" and physical 1:1 negative framed and signed based on their ranking. #1 Ranked collector receives #1 signed physical 1:1 "match print: and physical 1:1 negative.

24: 24 Open Edition

Entire NFT Movie-24 Editions (Plus Royalty Rights for Top Leaderboard Wiinner Only)+ +VIP Red Carpet Premier Experiences – plus 1 Signed Printed/Bound Photo Coffee Table Collectors Book Per Buyer. *Royalty is available only for non USA Citizens.

Book will be published summer, 2023

24/240 NFT ( 10 each ) with physical print ( top 10 leaderboard) Open Edition

24/240 Exclusive Parallax Animation NFT with removed frames from scenes from the movies ( not seen in the movie)

3:3 Open Edition

NFT Screenplay Artwork and full screenplay bound in Leather and Metadata imbedded in NFT will contain full script (Versions, 1, 2, 3, each NFT only contains 1 version)

24 editions, 10 each=240 total Limited Edition

NFT Rare Cut Actual Movie Camera Filmed 4K Cinema Imagery Artwork

2400 Limited Edition

Exclusive NFT Photographic Images Movie Behind The Scenes Shot by the Director On Location Shot/Shared on Instant Minting 240 Images, x 10 sets

24: 24 Open Edition

NFT ( Music)-Original Sound Track Score Produced by Billboard and Grammy Winning Team: Leaderboard Winner earns full 10 year royalty rights+++ plus physical print of Album/Artwork plus NFT. Royalty eligible only for non USA Citizens.

2400 Limited Edition

NFT ( Music) Soundtack – full song by Granmy winning/Billboard winning team 240 – full song editions and 2400 partial song editions

24: 24 Open Edition

1:1 Physical Print and NFT of Entire Main Characters of The 9th Raider Drawn by Major Artist Collaborator ( TBA) 1:1 with NFT Signed by both Director of 9th Raider and Artist.


STAGE 1: Q2-2023

Motion Picture Release Worldwide– VIP access for all stage 1 Holders Plus Rare Physical and NFT Authenticated Assets

9Th Raider NFT Screenplays 3:3 Minted as Bitcoin Ordinal

9th Raider NFT Original Screenplays 3:3 versions 1, 2, or 3 with 3 being most recent version with print copy bound in leather . Signed by Filmmaker/Director NFT Metadata includes entire script with revisions plus 24 key images from the movie "one second"


STAGE 4: 2024 TBA

Holographic NFT also Sent to Museum on the Moon

Bonus: Collection Name: "One Second"


STAGE 5-2024+

Worldwide Collaboration and Collector Participation are Offered in Sequels, Future Movie, NFT and Art Collections.

The Director/Artist

Filmmaker Dallas Santana , has been in the cryptocurrency and NFT space for over 5 years as a true innovator and maverick. His rise to success started with good fortune when his journey took him from his small country town to bigger dreams in Los Angeles . Within days of arriving he ended up in a film directing class at AFI ( American Film Institute) and signed up for the “approach to directing” class. When he arrived for the class, thousands of students were shoving each other to get into the tiny classroom. Dallas was one of only a dozen or so lucky students who had signed up for directing class only to find out Oscar Winning Director Icon Clint Eastwood would be teaching their class.. Dallas went on and later directed an action packed outdoor documentary and action sports series with the heir to James Bond, and directed a series for CBS alongside the producer of Twilight ( Imprint Entertainment). Dallas since than has directed and written for television series, motion pictures and documentaries, and had his photography seen on covers of fashion and lifestyles magazines, and it all came full circle to recognize that he comes from a family truly immersed in the arts. His grandmother and grandfather were influences in his life and were accomplished artists/photographers and documentary film makers and art professors whose own art collection set a record at Christie’s Auction Hong Kong. His mother was a real inspiration in his life as a photographer and journalist and mother who moved her son out to the countryside before he was born to give him an immersion in nature. When his mother passed away in April, 2020 in the middle of the pandemic, Dallas got busy with the ambition to go forward with one of his most treasured post apocalyptic series “The 9th Raider” he had been in development on for 4 years. “My vision for this project is to bring about change forever in Hollywood, for those like me that have had to struggle through building a career in the arts and film arts, I fell in love with the opportunities that building an entire movie around NFT’s and what it could afford” said Dallas.His project “The 9th Raider” has received tremendous praise from NFT artists, collectors, NFT and Crypto exchanges around the world and has been connected to over 200 million online just in the preliminary process of introducing the film to audiences around the world.

Additional Collaborators

Thank You: The artist is grateful for amazing long-term collaborations, friendships, and experiences with others who supported the 9th Raider project. Dallas met Isauro Mercado, a cinematographer on  TV series for CBS in 2011, which Dallas was directing, and immediately began to mentor the young camera operator. The two have enjoyed working together ever since, on many projects together including motorsports rallies; The Bull Run, and The Gumball Rally. The two have collaborated together as well on numerous projects taking Isauro from Europe to shoot a docuseries for Dallas’s company for Bloomberg TV and Fox Business. Dallas has also assigned projects to Isauro to shoot including filming equestrian and fashion shoots on stunning beaches like Turks Caicos, equestrian shoots in San Diego, and documentary work including the recent NFT collaboration “eNFTourage” ( a documentary about famed collector “CL7” and the evolution of the NFT industry). Also, Dallas wishes to recognize Billboard Winning/Grammy Nominated Music Composer Andrew Lane ( Double platinum producer of Miley Cyrus, Award-winning producer on “High School Musical 3”, MTV Making The Band, and the more iconic music and film projects) who has been a very close friend and collaborator with Dallas on projects with Viacom, CBS, Fox Sports, on over 28 different music soundtracks the two have collaborated on. Andrew and Dallas have combined forces on NFT projects with numerous artists and talent Andrew was also selected by Dallas to compose some of the music for The 9th Raider. Dallas will be forever grateful to cast member (cast name: “Frenchie”) and famed collector named “CL7”. The two met years ago and are true pioneers and innovators in the NFT space. Dallas introduced CL7 to NFTs when Dallas minted his dog “Marshmello” on the “OG” original NFT platform “WAX’ peaking CL7’s interest in NFT and is extremely impressed with how CL7 has emerged to be one of the most influential NFTs and art collectors in the world. Other artist collaborators on NFTs for The 9th Raider continue on and most recently was a 1:1 painting project done live in New York’s Time Square with iconic painter Rob Prior, who painted a rendering from the director’s scenes from the movie project. Additional collaborators will be updated in the future. 

The Lunaprise Mission is perhaps one of the most important space missions since the Apollo space program landed the first man to land on the moon. The Lunaprise Museum sets art and space records in the “The World’s First Crowd Sourced Time Capsule” that carried more than 222 selected artists who made Art and NFT history when their art landed on the Moon on a Space X Falcon 9 powered mission on February 22nd, 2024 [ IM-1 Mission] The mission launched to the moon on February 15th, 2024 and became the first mission to land on the moon for NASA and the USA since 1972 Learn More at

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