NAKED FOR NATURE  is an NFT studio and platform dedicated to creating awareness and solutions for mamma Gaia through NFT art! 
And……what better way to gain attention, then by getting the world naked!   NAKED FOR NATURE!!!!
We invite everyone and anyone to get involved!  How?  
=> By creating artwork that includes a naked person in nature! This can be videos, still photography, painting, anything that inspires you!  

If your not a full blown artist….it’s okay! You can submit your photo or drawing, and our studio will work with your vision to create something compelling for the world to see!  

And guess where the NFT auction proceeds go? 
33.3% to the person submitting the initial art
33.3% to NAKED FOR NATURE Studio and Platform 
33.3% to non-profit organizations dedicated to healing our planet! 

To get the process started, send an email to:

Be a part of healing the planet, one naked NFT at a time! 

Curator's Bio

Raya Blaze (aka Robin Blazak) is a mother, philanthropist, entrepreneur, artist, filmmaker, producer, crypto enthusiast and lover of life! Raya is passionate about serving Mother Nature through art and has created “Naked For Nature” as a way for artists to connect with nature through art while also creating awareness and solutions to support positive environmental impact.