Moon Surfer (Angela Liou)

Artist Biography

IG @ AngelaMoon_Collection

Moon Surfer (Angela Liou) is an artist and entrepreneur. She is a company founder with a background in fine arts. As an artist she melds the two worlds by documenting the journey of tech and art while also showcasing current societal affairs through themes that question the status quo. Her art brings scrutiny to the present state of humanity, to not only ascend to higher levels of consciousness but to also inspire a call to action. For these reasons Angela’s art collection is of historical significance.

As a multidisciplinary visionary and innovator Angela has partnered with Space Blue to launch her works of art with Galactic Legacy Labs, and the Arch Mission Foundation and to bring her private collection to the first art gallery ever on the moon. This historic mission lead by NASA and launched by Space Falcon 9 will carry and plant onto the moon the Intuitive Machines’ Lunaprise/GL database of “Humanities Hall of Fame”, a collection of art and culture from around the world.