Raijin Raiden_ Lightning Ronin PFP 2

Ryū XR – Lunar Artifact 002 “Raijin “Raiden” Japanese God of Lightning & Thunder Ronin” of Ryūzan FACE the DRAGON, BASED ON 47-Ronin Inspired NFT Collection.

Physical Print Signed plus Bitcoin Ordinal NFT

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Collection: Ryū XR – Part 1 of Ryūzan FACE the DRAGON, 47-Ronin Inspired NFT Collection.

SPACE BOUND: The entire art collection will have digital twins of the Ronin Collection primary art pieces and further follow future editions, sent by space/art curators Space Blue on a lunar archive (NASA-Lunaprise mission) completed launch effort on SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket LM1, on February 22, 2024. Indeed providing for the ultimate rare art off the earth on this history mission. Visit for further details.

HISTORIC RONIN 47 MEANING: In the early 18th century, a group of samurai, known as the 47 Ronin, sought revenge for the unjust death of their master, Lord Asano. They patiently planned their attack for over a year, following the code of bushido. On December 14, 1702, they executed their plan, infiltrating the enemy’s stronghold and successfully avenging their master’s honor. Despite their act being against the Emporers will, the 47 Ronin gained widespread admiration and are remembered as a persistent and remarkable symbol of loyalty, honor, and resilience in Japanese history.


The art collection, inspired by the legend of the 47 Ronin and their tale of sacrifice, is released alongside the launch of the Ryūzan XR metaverse. NFT holders can use their avatars as entry points to participate in social impact missions, P2P Martial Arts Tournaments, MetaRPGs, and VR/AR experiences. By showcasing their skills, NFT holders have the opportunity to win up to 320 physical elemental Katanas and Wakizashis.

The collection’s first sword, crafted by celebrity swordsmith John Summerhill, is dedicated to the Japanese God of Fire, Kagutsuchi. Ser Godric Rei8n, the collection’s Founder and co-creator, was ceremoniously knighted in Rome on June 14th, 2023 by Prince Lorenzo de’Medici using the first physical blade of this art collection, making it the first legendary sword of its kind ever to be assigned and recorded to the blockchain, with Mami Yamaguchi, a bloodline descendant of the 47 Ronin, as his beloved, as a living testimony dedicated to protecting humanities children.

Ryūzan Ronin Collective: The Chronicles of the Digital Shogunate

Welcome, noble seeker, to the era of Ryūzan! 🌊🐉

Embark upon the legendary lands of Ryūzan Ronin, where the heartbeats of ancient samurai echo amidst the pixelated realms of the metaverse. Each Ryūzan NFT is not merely a token—it’s a scroll, a tale, a saga waiting to be lived.

Why entrust your destiny with a Ryūzan Ronin?


  • 🔥 Kami’s Gift: Your etched training sword is not just wood—it’s blessed by kami spirits, serving as the bridge to the Ryūzan XR metaverse. Navigate its realm to possibly forge a real-life elemental Fujin katana, a masterpiece from a ‘Forged in Fire’ champion. This Fujin PFP enables the holder to request a forging of their very own 1/47 Elemental Katana Sword of Wind, forged with 222 intentional folds and is imbued with special powers specific to the patron god of the elements. Holders of this PFP will be entitled to acquire the level 2 AVATAR art piece, to be unveiled following the Lunaprise projected landing on February 22, 2024.

🌌 Shinobi Shadows & Dueling Dojos: Craft your manga-inspired avatar and engage in XR duels, channeling the fierce intensity of iconic battles like Naruto vs. Sasuke. Face formidable adversaries, reaping crypto rewards and directing the spoils to virtuous causes.

💪 Bushido Benevolence: Align with humanitarian quests steered by esteemed NGOs and martial arts legends. Each mission mastered, each challenge conquered, casts ripples of change in our world, resonating with the true spirit of Bushido.

🎪 Dojo Tournaments & Beyond: Your training sword is your engraved invitation to real-world martial arts spectacles, witnessing the dance of blades and souls. Further, savor exclusive Manga episodes, multimedia sagas, and evolving merchandise echoing the Ronin ethos.

🤝 Shogunate & Kinship: Being a Ronin holder is a pledge—a commitment to the digital Shogunate of like-minded samurais, shinobis, and enthusiasts. Here, alliances are forged, legends birthed, and destinies intertwined.

With each Ryūzan Ronin scroll, you immerse not just in a digital narrative but in a timeless legacy, echoing Japan’s rich tapestry of tales, honor, and valor. Are you prepared to script your chronicle?

Embrace your destiny, warrior. Between the shadows of the Shinobi and the valor of the Samurai, your legend beckons. 🌪🔥🌊🌎🐉

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Ryūzan Ronin: Exclusive Utilities for Early Adopters:

Becoming one of the first to embrace the Ryūzan Ronin NFTs is not merely a purchase, but a pledge to embark on an unparalleled journey. In appreciation of your early support, each NFT unlocks a trove of special utilities:

🥷 Reserve a place of a total of 320 competitive positions for the worlds first tournaments to compete for your very own Elemental Katana crafted by Japanese Grade, Celebrity Forged in Fire Champions. Compete for the Zatōshi Blade

🏯 Access to ASCENDED Dragon Palace: Step into the grandeur of the ASCENDED DRAGON Palace, a digital realm of majesty and lore, exclusively accessible to the early holders, with a physical twin for real life Ascension training and services

🚪 Early Access to Ryūzan XR Metaverse: Experience the Ryūzan universe before anyone else, with privileged early access to our immersive metaverse. 👓 Reserve Pair of Ryūzan XR Glasses: Get your hands on the technologically advanced Ryūzan XR glasses, designed for an unmatched augmented reality experience.

🥷 Access to Ronin Training: Hone your skills with expert-led Ronin training sessions, tailored for both novices and masters alike.

🛍️ Discounts on RoninXR Marketplace: Enjoy exclusive discounts on a plethora of items within the RoninXR marketplace, from unique gear to rare artifacts.

🌐 Exclusive Community Membership: Join our tight-knit communities where discussions, strategies, and camaraderies flourish, reserved only for the earliest supporters.

🛎️ VIP Services & Experience: Elevate your journey with personalized VIP services, ensuring your experience with Ryūzan Ronin is nothing short of royal.

📰 Subscription to News & Events: Stay updated with our dedicated news subscription, giving you a front-row seat to all Ryūzan announcements, events, and more.

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