Summer Of Love

Collection based on Historic Lunar Records “ Woodstock era collection landing on the moon. In 1969 The NASA Apollo 11 Mission landed mankind on the moon  and the Woodstock Music Festival took off 2 weeks

Later making history with  its  Summer of Love vibes and theme based around peace and love 

Billboard Article Here Summer of Love Music Lands On The Moon Launched on SpaceX Falcon 9 February 15th,2024

Curated by Lunar Records and Space Blue


Phase 1 Quarter 2:2024 Launching During Coachella 2024

LIMITED EDITION 10,000 Available Minted a NFT includes previous rare or unreleased tracks now sent to the moon archived in Lunar Records in The Lunaprise Museum.

ALBUM 1 of 2


First Come First Serve - Numbered Editions

Summer Of Love Album 1 Sample

Art consists of the entire album ( as downloadable mp3 file) plus digital art collectibLe NFT of the album cover.

Top 10 Collectors:  Bonused physical  wall mounted/framed replication of Lunaprise Disc Sent To The Moon Numbered 1-10

First 100 Collectors: Bonused 2 Summer Of Love VIP Passes to Coachella Week Summer of Love 2024 and 2025

Phase 3 -2024_2025

Remixes featuring selected Artists of the current era including Kirsten Collins, Nadine Casanova, Tess Pon Perer and other artists TBA , Music Supervisor: Billboard Winning Producer Andrew Lane. Executive Producer Dallas Santana and Melody Trust