Lin Fisher is the creative force behind OneUforia ArtHaus, which is a gallery and collective focused on “Metaphysical-Surrealism” located in the arts district of Los Angeles at AWA OASIA.

The art is a confluence of dreamy scenes from the artist’s expression of consciousness found in deep inner spaces and astral environments accented with far Eastern iconography, philosophy, and symbology. The art seeks to create a magical connection with the observer’s truth emanating through a shamanistic lens. Juxtaposition is a consistent expression with deeper messages that confront the observer’s view of the world.

Meta-Surrealism is a reflection of our inner condition, and our outer convictions beset in a limitless container. Sacred geometry teaches us that “the infinite exists mathematically within the finite.” It is this intimate and inherent connection to the mysteries of our universe from the atomic level to the infinite cosmos that connects us to more profound truths.

Lin is also an entrepreneur, film maker and core team member at AWA OASIA.

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