Lovie (Lori Taylor)

*Lori Taylor: Faith-Based Psychedelic Word Artist*

Lori Taylor has shaped the visual and narrative landscapes of major nonprofits like Disabled American Veterans and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for over three decades. An award-winning creative director and graphic designer, her campaigns have raised $4 billion over 30 years.

Lori is a best-selling author of “Soul Mutts” and co-founder of The Lunaprise, a project that placed a time capsule with works from 222 artists on the moon, marking a significant milestone in artistic collaboration.

Identifying as a “faith-based word artist,” Lori merges spiritual inspiration with her artistic talents, using creativity as a divine tool to inspire and uplift. Her current work focuses on visualizing spiritual truths and emotions, creating spaces for reflection and encouraging others to explore their faith and creativity.

As Lori delves deeper into her art, she stands as a beacon of how creativity intertwined with faith can brighten the world and inspire hope.

Lovie (Lori Taylor) Items

Lovie (Lori Taylor) Art

Harnony's Halo
Soul Awakening
Divine Elevation
Celestial Crescendo