Shenius x Summer Of Love

Ruhana Nova is a multi-disciplinary creative alchemist and LA based commercial and fashion model, known for her innovative approach to blending various art forms. With a background that spans across experience design, modeling, and performance art, she crafts compelling narratives that captivate and engage audiences. Her work is characterized by a deep exploration of themes of cultural diversity and reverence, identity, self-reinvention, transformation, and the innate human connection with the natural world.

As a graceful weaver of paradoxes, Ruhana Nova loves to integrate performance art in her soiree’s, where her explorations of movement and expression challenge traditional boundaries and invite viewers to immerse themselves into reality bending experiences. Her performances are often interactive, blurring the lines between artist and audience, and creating a shared space for exploration and discovery.

As an advocate for women’s wellness, liberation, creativity, and empowerment, Ruhana Nova integrates these values into her life project “Shenius”, using her art as a platform to raise awareness and inspire change. Her commitment to causes of women rising above multi-generational stories and limitations helps her and likeminded women paint a better future for the world.” 🙏🏻

Sale Starts April 12th, 2024

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